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Monday, March 12, 2018

The Nystrom Catchment Family Engagement Team!

Richmond College Prep Charter and Nystrom Elementary Parents and students working together to make a difference in their community.

The parents of these two neighboring schools are working with Richmond community members to support a park makeover and upgrades at MLK park. We welcome all community support for these efforts. It is our endeavor to have the MLK park be similar to Belding Garcia Park or Pogo Park (The Elm Play Lot) with activities, events, and the serving of summer lunches. Right now the park has a great track and field, but the playground is decaying and is being used for homeless folks to sleep and drug users to get high. The Nystrom Catchment Families cannot bring their children to play. But we are committed to working together to make changes to better our community.


rcps nystrom catchment family engagement team

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