Elwin G. Williams III, also known as Mr. Wordy around campus; is the founder and creator of Orion Digital Music Consulting and has been working with Richmond College Prep since 2017. “Mr. Wordy” has over 10 years of experience teaching youth across the Bay Area and Juvenile  Hall focusing on Music Production and Artist Development. Mr. Wordy is a  Pro Tools certified Audio Engineer, a Touring Artist and a Professional DJ.

Mr. Wordy takes joy in teaching the students at Richmond College Prep a range of classes such as  Music Production, Photography, Film, and The R.A.P (Revisionist Art Project) studying the 1619 Project. Mr. Wordy has worked with RCP as an Elective Instructor, School Audio Engineer, and an After School Instructor. You can listen to all of the Music the students have produced in his class as well as see their  latest Music Videos on the following links below. Mr. Wordy believes that his students should surpass him and be proud to express themselves through their music, photography, and learning about the past so they can change the future. 


Listen to: RCP Latest Album

Watch: RCP Music Videos