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COVID-19 Prevention Program

This is the Board’s resolution posted on the website and based on the CDC, CDPH, and the charter school association law firm.

The Board of Directors of RES Inc. (Richmond Elementary School Inc.) aka RCPS TK-8th (Richmond College Preparatory School) hereby resolves that effective July 8, 2021, every person working at RCPs who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, for religious, health-related conditions, or other reasons, must present a negative Covid-19 test every week and continue to practice the preventive protocols established by the following agencies: CDHH (California Department of Human Health), CDE California (California Department of Education), and CDC (Center for Diseases Control).
Employees who are not vaccinated, for religious reasons or due to health-related conditions only, are eligible to request a work accommodation that could result in working from home.
Additionally, unvaccinated employees who have tested negative to COVID-19 will be required to increase their mandated preventative methods, including donning a double mask, practicing social distancing (6ft apart), and wearing gloves when involved in meal times to promote the safety of students, staff, faculty, and parents.  
Any employee who has decided to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine is required to respond to this email individually before August 2, 2021, so RCPS can keep a record of their choice and reason(s) for not being vaccinated.

I, _______________________________________ (name)    decided not to get covid 19 vaccine due to __________________________________________( reason-s)

I will observe the preventive norms and protocols established by the CDC, CDHSt, CDE, and WCCUSD in order to maintain the safety of myself, co-workers, students, and their families
and submit a negative covid 19 test.